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Leonel Antonio Fernández Reyna (born 26 December 1953) is a Dominican lawyer, academic, and the current President of the Dominican Republic, since 2008. He held the same office during the 1996–2000 and 2004–2008 periods. His current term ends in 2012. He is a native of the Dominican capital, Santo Domingo, and lived for much of his childhood in Washington Heights, (The Dominican part of) New York City.

Perhaps Fernández’s biggest issue during both terms in office is his inability to resolve the country’s chronic energy problems, as well as his unwillingness to contend with governmental clientelism and corruption. His position as legal counsel for the failed Banco Intercontinental (Baninter) during its spectacular collapse suggests his possible participation in the bank’s alleged government influence peddling. Source> Wikipedia


Mejia promises to fight corruption – Answering questions during a Participacion Ciudadana event, President Hipolito Mejia was put on the spot when a young participant, panel member Lucenia Pichardo, asked the former President about the members of his support team who are the subject of press reports about involvement in corruption scandals.

“How can you try to give the example and confidence to the public that you are going to fight corruption when you are accompanied by people who are discredited among the population as corrupt? She mentioned cases of corruption covered in the press during the 2000-2004 government involving Plan Renove, Pedro Franco Badia, Siquio Ng de la Rosa, Fabio Ruiz, Pepe Goico with the Pepe Card, Lois Malkum with the banking fraud, Angel Lockward with the GLP coupons, Victor Cespedes with the pardons to drug traffickers, Radhames Garcia with smuggling Chinese nationals, Hernani Salazar with overvaluation of public works, and others.

The former President responded: “You should also mention the others before the day is over. You know that I was the one who sent them to justice, such as the Plan Renove, and the Chinese, and then this government let them go. And you know what happened with Pepe Goico, and the card? You are wrong about that, you should check that the card others had, Leonel Fernandez collected a million dollars at Baninter and the monthly checks. Mention the others and it will take you a week.” Pichardo commented that Mejia did not answer her question.



Corruption burdens the DR like never before!

President Leonel Fernandez was a speaker at the World Economic Forum debates in Davos, Switzerland in January and then again in Rio, Brazil in April of this year, but ironically, the DR’s rankings in the recent Global Competitive Index report continue to reflect a lack of leadership and efficiency in government.

After almost eight years of Fernandez administration, the DR slumps to the 110th place of 142 countries in the important index. The DR in 2010-2011 was ranked 101st on a list of 139 countries.

This year’s report points to corruption, tax rates, inefficient government bureaucracy, inadequately educated workforce, access to financing, inadequate supply of infrastructure, crime and theft, and restrictive labor regulations as the most problematic factors for doing business. The DR is ranked as the world leader (142nd) in both wastefulness of government spending and reliability of police services in the 2011-12 ranking. The DR is ranked 141st in favoritism in decisions by government officials, 140th in diversion of public funds, 135th in public trust of politicians, reflecting the collapse of institutions in the Dominican Republic under the Fernandez administration.

The DR also made the bottom top 10 rating in quality of education system (136th) and quality of math and science education (139th).


Presidential helicopter used for drug transports in Dom Rep

The truth will prevail, even for a President – What exactly does Leonel Fernandez know about the government agencies behind the drug trade in his country? 3 years ago the former chopper pilot for the Fanjul sugar barons went on to work for the President. Former U.S. Marine, Lieutenant colonel Harold Manzano transported drugs in the Presidential helicopter and was forced into retirement – No jail time at all!! The other parties got 10 years but last week the judge tried to alter the sentence to 10 months and hell broke lose……


Announcements, just announcements – Leonel, all talk no action-man!

Noticias Sin recalls several other announcements that turned out to be just that, announcements. In 2004, the Fernandez government announced the reduction of the number of ‘bottles’ in government, or jobs with no real function granted for political patronage. At the time the government also banned superfluous purchases. The reality was that the pace of the ‘bottles’ in government increased and superfluous purchases have grown at such a pace that the country was awarded top ranking by the World Economic Forum for government wasteful spending.

This picture of his government is found on facebook and seems to fit their award!!

Dominican Watchdog has started the investigation into the fortune of Leonel Fernandez as his personal worth is estimated at USD 50,000,000 (Fifty million dollars), some even talks about 100M!! He receives less than USD 300,000 per year as President. Where did the rest of the money come from? If you know anything about it please send an email to – The goal of all websites run by Dominican Watchdog is to educate the world about the Dominican Republic and the activity of their people.

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